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Field Trip     Sarasota Celery Fields

Date            February 12, 2011

Participants 21--Including people from S. Dakota and Tampa as well as WPAS members

Species       52--Including Thousands of Tree Sparrows and Hundreds of Glossy Ibis.

This was a very popular trip.  It was well worth the 1&1/2 trip.

Ducks--Mallard,Mottled,Blue-winged Teal, Ring-necked, Lesser Scaup, & Hooded Merganser
Pelicans& related--American White, Brown, Double-crested Cormorant,Anhinga
Herons & Ibis-- Great Blue,GreatEgret, Snowy Egret, Little Blue, Tricolored, Cattle Egret,
                         White Ibis, Glossy Ibis,  Roseate Spoonbill, Wood Stork
Vultures& Raptors-- Black & Turkey Vulture, Osprey, Bald Eagle ( mature & Imm)
                                Red-shouldered Hawk, Am. Kestrel, Peregrin Falcon
Rail, Limpkin & Crane--Common Moorhen, Am. Coot, Limpkin, Sandhill Crane (flock of 20)
Sandpipers-- Killdeer, Black-necked Stilt, Greater Yellowlegs, Long-billed Dowitcher (Large
                     Flocks)  Wilson's Snipe
Gulls--Laughing and Ring billed Gull, Forster's Tern
Kingfisher--Belted Kingfisher
Shrike--Loggerhead Shrike
Crow-- American Crow
Swallow--Tree Swallow,  a few Purple Martins  ( SURPRISE OF THE DAY!)
Warblers--  Yellow-rumped and Palm
Sparrows-- Savannah and Swamp
Blackbirds-- Red-winged Blackbird, Boat-tailed and Common Grackles

Everyone enjoyed this trip even though it was very cold and quite windy.  I believe the list would have been longer if the weather had been better.    Aggy Condon

7/21/2009 Aggy Condon & I went out to check Trinity area for birds this morning, hoping for Roseate Spoonbills. No luck with those, but a fun time anyway, with all the waders except Tri-color, plenty of Black Vultures, Sandhill Crane families, E. Meadowlarks, Swallowtail Kite, Wood Stork, and a few others, including several tireless Mockingbirds chasing Crows, Vultures, and anyone else perceived as a threat. Highlights were a very visible and cooperative singing Bobwhite (photos), and a family of L. Shrikes (photo of one of the juveniles).  I took the long way home along Trouble Creek, and spotted a family of 6 E. Bluebirds on wires by the big Baptist church west of Rowan. Pulled in and followed them to some trees. Here's a shot of one of the blue males. Still not as sharp as I would like, so I've got more to learn about my camera.

All in all, a good birding day for late July.
Photos:  Northern Bobwhite 1, Bobwhite 2, Loggerhead Shrike, Eastern Bluebird


Jan 4, 2009 - Mike Kell -  I took a ride this morning with Barbra Walker of Pinellas eagle watch as she wanted to see some places in Pasco County.
We wound up at crews lake to survey for possible future eagle nests.  None seen there but there was a flock of 27 Glossy Ibis, 38 Sand Hill Cranes, Hooded Mergansers, Mottled Ducks, Buffleheads, Ringnecked Ducks on the Lake (uh er tiny ponds.)  Also on the shore were Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs.   On the way home we were coming down Moon Lake road along side Ventanna and spotted an Eagle down low being chased by Osprey and Crows.This may be my best Eagle photograph yet. 

Dec 20 2008 Mike Kell -- After a foggy start the sun came out and did not deter the nine Audubon members who saw 63 species and literally thousands of birds.  Near Trinity College we came across a cloud of Tree Swallows swarming like large bees.  Highlites of the day include Green winged teal, seven glossy ibis, Eastern Meadowlark and Wilson's snipe.  See Aggy's trip report.

 All in all a great outing and a good chilli lunch!
Later Laurie and I went to moon lake to catch the Bonapart Gulls and on the way home into Ventanna for the Bufflehead Ducks

Dec 2, 2008 Ken Tracey  -- Out at Green Key this morning a lone plover caught my eye. When I finally got close enough for these photos I was struck by it's small size, golden hue, and it's call. Three Semipalmated Plovers were between us and as they called the larger plover returned almost the exact same call.  It was determined to be a Golden Plover.

Nov 26, 2008

Ken Tracey

A quick ride around the neighborhood this afternoon produced the following ducks in local ponds.

86  Hooded Merganser
44  Ring-necked
28  Mottled
14  Blue-winged Teal
14  Pied-billed Grebe
10 American Coot
8  American Wigeon
7  Mallard
4  Green-winged Teal
2  Lesser Scaup
2  Redhead

The Franklin's Gull has not made an appearance for the last 2 days that I know of.

Photo shows unusual color of 4 Mallards.  Pure black!  These have been around for about 1 year now.

Nov 22, 2008 

Mike Kell  -- Northern Harrier Hawk at  HWY 19 and  Gulf Blvd.  Saw Imm Eagle fly over there Thursday same spot.  This morning had a Shinned Tail hawk chasing the Redwinged Blackbirds in back yard.

Dave Gagne -- Broad-winged Hawk New Port Richey  - This afternoon at 3:40 PM I observed the immature Broad-winged Hawk, (first seen on Thursday morning on my neighbor's antenna!) circling over my neighborhood on Limerick Ave in New Port Richey!!  This bird has very distinct barring below the streaking on the upper part of the breast.  Hopefully it will stick around another 6 weeks for the CBC (wishful thinking?)

Ken Tracey -- I have attached Nelson's Sharp-tailed photo from this morning; F.O.S. for me.
Although Jim, David, and I tried for the Franklin's Gull this morning we could not find it. This afternoon at 2:30pm I did relocate it. (Note location; in back of Sunset Bay Club apartments off Rowan 1 block north of Hwy 54.)

The ponds also have more ducks then before. IE;
42  Ring-necked
8  Mottled
6  Blue-winged Teal
3  Mallard
2  Redhead
Northern Pintail
20 Coot

Nov 20, 2008 Ken Tracey  -- Murray Gardler and I  found a Redhead Duck at the Beall's ponds and F.O.S. Common Loon at Gulf Harbors.

Nov 13, 2008 Ken Tracey found a Baffle headed Duck on Beall's pond.  Mike Kell drove by later but the Duck had moved on, just the eleven Ring Necked Ducks for winter visitors.

Nov 12, 2008 Murray Gardler and Ken Tracey spotted a Franklin's Gull at Beall's Pond.  Calls to Mike Kell and Bill Pranty soon had a bird outing.  One lone Franklin among several laughin gulls and a few Ring Billed Gulls

Nov 2 Ken Tracey   -- Yesterday morning Jim McKay and I had a Seaside Sparrow at Green Key. This is an apparent wanderer from their southern nesting limit 2 1/2 miles to the north at the Salt Springs Bayou in Port Richey.

This morning Jim and I had the following sparrows along Hwy 54 near Gunn Hwy intersection;

Savannah, Swamp, Grasshopper, Chipping, Vesper,  Photo

Nov 2 2008 Dave Gagne --Since I aaven't seen any reports of American Robin yet, I'll post this sighting as 1 American Robin moving south this morning in New Port Richey.  Also seen over my yard was the Short-tailed Hawk  (Light Morph), that has been seen since May.

Oct 19, 2008 Ken Tracey - I went on a 5 mile walk to see what was new in the salt marsh along Pasco coast this morning. A Northern Mockingbird was doing a pretty good imitation of a Black Rail call and FOS birds were; Swamp Sparrows, Northern Harrier, and Sedge Wren.
Most impressive were the high numbers of Marsh Wrens. Some were obviously northern migrants, but approx. half appeared to be local Marian's subspecies with their light gray chest with dark gray back. At one group of mangroves I went in to, 4 Marian's and two chestnut/buff colored northern wrens flew in as I pished. They then went into a strange chatter display response that included the one Marian's in the photo that has it's tail held over the top of it's head?
Some of the birds found;
House Wren  12, Marsh Wren  32, Sedge Wren  1, Clapper Rail  6, Sora Rail  3, Common Yellowthroat  18, Palm Warbler  6, Prairie Warbler  1, Northern Waterthrush  5, Yellow Warbler  1, Seaside Sparrow   9, Swamp Sparrow  3, Tree Swallow  1, Northern Harrier  2, Merlin  2, Red-tailed Hawk  3, Red-shouldered Hawk  1, Cooper's Hawk  1, Caspian Tern  1, Indigo Bunting  2

Oct 9, 2008    Mike Kell - Thursday Oct 9th Laurie and I drove over to Anclote Pier Park and took our first walk on the boardwalk over to Vista Key Park.  We concluded it is an excellent addition to both parks..
The Anclote Park parking lot and picnic area had Killdeer running around.    The tree in the dog run area was full of Monk Parakeets.  Going to the North end of the picnic area(opposite end from the pier),  you will find the new boardwalk.  The first part of the boardwalk runs near the road and crosses a drainage ditch and we found several Cardinals, Red Bellied Woodpeckers and Catbirds there.  I saw my first Red Bellied with a true Red Belly as red as his head. Later the boardwalk  turns and heads toward gulf and connects with the existing Key Vista boardwalk.  We found an Osprey and a Bald eagle sitting in trees overlooking the gulf on the older Key Vista part of boardwalk.  Both were less than 50 yards from boardwalk.  We almost missed the Eagle sitting in under the foliage of a Pine tree.   Tide was high, so only one willet and a few laughing gulls at the pier.

Sept 5, 2008   Ken Tracey -I saw  my first Baird's Sandpiper down at Honeymoon Island Friday. Photo

Sept 3, 2008 Ken Tracey - Prarie Waeblers on Green Key Photo

June 24, 2008 Ken Tracey -Here is a photo that shows a comparison of Eastern and Western Willets. The bird on the left is a Eastern I just photo'd on the salt barrens in West Pasco, the bird on the right is Western Willet at Green Key in May. Both are in breeding plumage.
I now realize that the differences in these sub-species of Willets are as striking as the differences in Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs.
I intend to take a closer look at our wintering Willets because all the birds I have been seeing along the coast have probably been Western Willets.

May 30, 2008 West Pasco sightings;
Possible nesting Yellow-billed Cuckoo seen on small wooded tract just north of Hudson Ave. We were reviewing property for Pasco Environmental Lands purchase. I found Northern Rough-winged Swallows nesting in concrete debris at plant in Hudson. Photo
Short-tailed Hawk, dark morph, dove at Mourning Dove on electric wire in River Crossing; it missed and then as it soared upward a Red-shouldered Hawk flew out of cypress stand to protect its territory.  Photo

May 29, 2008 Ken Tracey - All the bird activity at Green key this morning was about White-winged Doves. Photo
Two birds were in full song south of the causeway in the mangroves while two others perched on the wires along the causeway. At the end of the parking lot another two White-winged Doves were singing in the mangroves and palm trees while another dove watched from the wire. It then landed on the parking lot and one of the singing birds landed next to it and passed it something with it's bill. Male, female interaction I assume. Then they went out on the beach. This  mornings observation could indicate possible nesting out at the key; or maybe they just were having a beach day?

May 29, 2008 Maria  Valentine -A Swallow Tail Kite ( photo) was soaring over the Clear Lake.  Mike Kell saw one soaring with vultures over Plathe and Rowan also.  L. Kell spotted two near theTrinity YMCA.

May 14, 2008 Ken Tracey - Green Key Results. There were some warblers flying through the "Funnel", but the numbers and species were disappointing. For a while it looked like we might have more birders than birds!  
101 Warblers came through, Identified;
56    Blackpoll, 3   Common Yellowthroat, 2   Cape May
2   American Redstart,  2   Prairie, 1   Black-and-white, 1   Black-throated Blue
Other migrants;
11   Bobolink, 1   Chipping Sparrow

We did locate 2 White-rumped Sandpipers south of Trouble Creek.

May 8, 2008 Ken Tracey - At a small Port Richey Park, Brasher, I found this Clapper Rail perched in a tree, (Black Mangrove).

May 8, 2008 Ken Tracey - At several coastal sites in West Pasco Semipalmated Sandpipers have been found.  Webbing between the toes, on this one I found on a small salt barren, may be a good field mark. Photo

May 1, 2008 Ken Tracey - Great flight of warblers, 857, flew over the count site this morning
Warblers ID;
168   Blackpoll, 20   Palm, 8   Prairie, 8    Northern Waterthrush
20   Cape May, 15   Black-throated Blue, 34   American redstart, 2   Black-and-white
1   Ovenbird, 4   Northern Parula, 2   Common Yellowthroat

Other migrants;
12   Barn Swallow, 12   Gray Catbird, 1 Yellow-billed Cuckoo, 1  Veery, 88 Bobolink

April 30, 2008 Ken Tracey - Besides a good flight of warblers, 301, a record number of Bobolinks flew over the count site. 468 is a one day record for the Funnel and is also higher than any other years spring total!
26   Blackpoll, 19   Palm, 11   Prairie, 8    Northern Waterthrush
6   Cape May, 4   Black-throated Blue, 3   American redstart
2   Black-and-white, 1   Ovenbird, 1   Black-throated Green

Other migrants;
2   Barn Swallow, 17   Gray Catbird, 1   Merlin, 2   Red-eyed Vireo
1   Veery, 1   Gray-checked Thrush, 1  Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, 2    Eastern Kingbird
468   Bobolink

Photo; Whitish form of Northern Waterthrush

April 29, 2008 Ken Tracey - Strong north winds this morning at the funnel meant few warblers, 15 total. 1 Amer. Redstart, 3 Northern Waterthrush and 5 Prairie Warblers were ID'd.
Thrushes that came in with the passing front last night were feeding along the road;
6   Veery. 2   Swainson's, 1   Gray-cheeked
Other migrants were moving in off the Gulf ;
21   Barn Swallow, 9   Gray Catbird, 1   Merlin, 1    Orchard Oriole
1   Red-eyed Vireo, 1   Yellow-throated Vireo, 2    Ruby-throated Hummingbirds
Attached photos; Cape May Warbler feeding on insects on Silk Oak blossoms in Beacon Woods development, photo1

Vireos and Thrushes from Green Key photo2, photo3

April 25, 2008 Ken Tracey - From 6:25am to 8:45am, 1197 warblers flew past the count point.
Identified warblers;
141   Blackpoll, 53   Cape may, 41    Black-throated Blue, 15   American Redstart
15   Prairie, 12   Palm, 12   Common Yellowthroat, 11   Black-and-white
4   Northern Parula, 4   Northern Waterthrush, 3   Ovenbird
1    Black-throated Green, 1   Cerulean*   ID comfirmation needed, see photo
Other migrants;
15    Bobolink, 2   Barn Swallow, 32   Gray Catbird, 1   Yellow-billed Cuckoo
4   Indigo Bunting, 1   Tree Swallow

April 23, 2008 Ken Tracey -Green Key Funnel 4-24-08, 3 Kingbird species were at the Funnel this morning, all landed on the same electirc wire,
at different times, Western, Eastern, and Gray. Warblers and other migrants were slow.  Photo
From 6:15am to 8:15am, 101 warblers flew past the count point.
Identified warblers;
17   Blackpoll, 1   Cape may, 12   Palm , 1    Black-and-white, 9   Prairie
1   Northern Parula, 2   Northern Waterthrush, 1   Black-throated Blue

Other migrants;
12    Bobolink, 1   Barn Swallow, 10   Gray Catbird, 1   Eastern Kingbird, 2   Gray Kingbird, 1   Western Kingbird

A Common Loon and 2 Red-breasted Mergansers are still hanging around. The one Whimbrel is now 2.

April 23, 2008 Ken Tracey - Warblers and other migrants showed up this morning at the "Funnel", along Green Key Road in West Pasco. From 6:20am to 8:10am, 352 warblers flew past the count point.  Photo.  Identified warblers;
38   Blackpoll, 13   Cape may, 11   Palm, 7   Black-throated Blue, 7   Prairie
2   Northern Parula, 1   Louisiana Waterthrush

Other migrants;
28    Bobolink, 17   Barn Swallow, 3   Gray Catbird, 1   White-eyed Vireo, 1   Swamp Sparrow

April 22, 2008 Ken Tracey - For the last couple of days A Spotted Sandpiper, Solitary Sandpiper, 3 - 4 Lesser Yellows, 1 Greater Yellowlegs, 2 Least sandpiper have been at a temporary pond at the corner of a pasture south of Mitchell High School Road off Little Road in West Pasco. Jim McKay notified me of these birds.
Also seen there;
4 Black-necked Stilt, 4-6 Glossy Ibis, 100+ Barn Swallow, 20 Bank Swallow
4 Eastern Kingbird, 1 Savannah Sparrow, 1 Eastern Meadowlark

Attached photo of Solitary & Lesser Yellowlegs

April 21 2008 Ken Tracey - I went on a survey with biologist this morning on the salt barrens at the Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park. Sightings;
1    Ornate Diamondback Terrapin Photo
4   Eastern Willets (indicating possibly 3 nesting pairs) Photo
11   Wilson's Plover (7 males may indicate 7 nesting pairs) Photo
50+    Black-bellied Plovers (large flocks use barrens each spring)  Photo
Many singing Seaside Sparrows
2   Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrows
Many Swamp Sparrows

April 18 2008 Ken Tracey  This morning 4 Bobolinks (F.O.S.) flew over the Green Key Funnel location. The only interesting warbler out of an unexpected slow morning (39 warblers), was a Blackpoll Warbler.
Spring of 2006 was the record year for Bobolinks at the Funnel with 443 counted from 4/28/06 to 5/12/06.

April 14 2008 Ken Tracey - This morning at the north end of Werner-Boyce State Park in Pasco, I found a few migrants. (photo)
Prairie Warbler
Orchard Oriole
Gray Kingbird
Blue Grosbeak

April 1, 2008 Ken Tracey -  Found this banded Florida Scrub-Jay  along Old Dixie Hwy next to the Sea Pines Golf Course.
Of the 19 jays banded in West Pasco in 2004 & 2005 by Archbold, this is jay Pink/Silver - Green/Blue, #1573-97691, banded 2/17/2005.  This bird has remained at the exact spot it was caught and banded.

Also I got a comparison photo of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs at the golf course this afternoon in West Pasco.

March 2008 Ken Tracey - Our winter effort to get hummingbirds into our back yards with feeders out was not very successful. Fran had one at her yard in early December, but none after that. We did get one hummingbird report for our CBC along the river in New Port Richey and Dorothy in Beacon Woods had several in late December, but she had no feeders out.
Good news! The spring season for hummers has started already with reports from Maria, Agnes, and one in my own backyard yesterday and today. Clean out those feeders and put in some new nectar. You will see a hummingbird any day now.

Mar 5, 2008 Ken Tracey  -- I took a photo of an Orange-crowned Warbler  at Green Key this morning. This is the first time I taken photos showing the orange in it's crown!

March 4, 2008  Ken Tracey I had 4 Florida Prairie Warblers, paludicola, singing in the mangroves along Sand Bay, in West Pasco this morning.
I enticed one to come in close as I snapped some photos. The first photo shows the back on the warbler with no chestnut markings which would be expected on a breeding male. The Peterson Field Guides "Warblers" does state that paludicola 'has the chestnut markings on the back more restricted". The second photo shows the bird singing, which it decided to do approx. 12 inches from my elbow, which of course was to close for the camera to focus on.

March  3, 2008     A couple weeks ago Rick spotted the eagles' nest on Bailies Bluff Rd. and also the nest at the power plant. I was eager to see the eagles so we went there today with our granddaughter, Amber. The photos at the power plant weren't good, but we saw the two eaglets out of the nest on branches of the nest tree.
  I had better luck at Bailies Bluff. The adult eagle was perched on a branch above the nest with the two eaglets in it.  I'm enclosing a photo of that and also a decent closeup I got of the baby eagles in the nest.

Feb 27, 2008 Ken Tracey - West Pasco birds the last 3 days;
1. Gull-billed Tern - this morning at Green Key, hiding in the mob of skimmers and gulls as 30 mile-per-hour winds kept birds down on beach.
2. Grasshopper Sparrow - one of 4 at Grassy lake at Starkey Park Monday; it thought it was well hidden.
3. Northern Gannet - at Sea Ranch condos at Hudson Beach yesterday; photo by Barb Van Welden.
4. Short-tailed Hawks - one dark morph at Grassy Lake, Starkey Park, Monday, chased by Red-shouldered Hawk - one dark morph at intersection of Rowan and Trouble Creek Rd Tuesday, soaring with 2 Black Vultures.

Feb 6, 2008 Ken Tracey    - An Eastern Meadowlark cooperated for a few photos down at the West Pasco Industrial Park, but I was surpised at not finding any sparrows.

Feb 3,2008 Ken Tracey - After finding 5 Seaside Sparrows and 7 Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrows in the state park in Pasco this morning, I went over to Starkey park this afternoon and re-found the  3 Grasshopper Sparrows at Grassy Lake that I have seen there for the last 3 days. Composite photo of today's Grasshoppers.

Jan 31 Mike Kell  Wood Storks have returned to Tidewater Rd and starting the pair up and nest site selection.  22 Wood Storks have been counted here.

Jan 30 Maria Valentine Nesters are arriving and jostling for sites at the Embassy Crossing Rookery. Today I saw 8 Wood Storks (photo), several Great Egrets—one pair already staked out the single small low cypress tree on north and were building; male of another pair was displaying madly. She apparently wasn’t too impressed and flew off to check out someone else; 20 or so Snowy Egrets, several Little Blues,  including at least 2 white morphs, 1 Anhinga, Common Moorhens, Kingfisher, Shrike.......3 photographer....5 other human observers. Looks like the birds are going to be OK even with the construction next door.

Jan 22, 2008 Ken Tracey - As 53 Palm Warblers were passing through the "Funnel" this morning at Green Key from 7:00am to 8:00am, an America Redstart was noted. Also the first Glossy Ibis for the Key was also found along with a House Wren and 30 Tree Swallows.
Spring is around the corner!

Jan. 21, 2008. Maria Valentine.  Ann, Eileen, Jan, and I did the 3-mile Loop at Starkey this morning. Best sighting was an Eastern Towhee on the trail. Also seen: cardinals, pine warblers, one prairie warbler, many American robins, tufted titmice, turkey vultures, bluejays, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers, Carolina chickadees, mourning doves, and a single dark sparrow foraging on the ground, which we couldn’t id. Heard but not seen were catbirds, American crow, and goldfinches.

Jan 12 2008 Ken Tracey -Warbler sightings continued today when I stopped at Starkey Park at 11:00 am. In a large mob of birds moving past the center's boardwalk, I found a male Black-throated Green Warbler. The mob also included numerous Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadees, Yellow-throated, Black-and-white, Pine, Palm, and Yellow-rumped Warblers, along with 3 Blue-headed Vireo and 4 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

Jan 1, 2008 Mike Kell  A New Year’s day trip to Veterans park was an nice afternoon outing today.
It was gray and dreary on Tidewater RD with cloud cover and windy.  But driving north to Hudson Ave drove us out from under the clouds.
We walked the south perimeter of the park and caught a couple unusual birds. 
Down just past the pump house we jumped a Snipe.  A grebe and moorhen were on the lake.
A couple of Red shouldered hawks in an old dead tree.  Then a little farther back along the lake we saw a pair of eastern bluebirds.
And while we were looking at the Bluebirds suddenly there appears a Northern Flicker.
At this point I realize the reason the camera isn’t taking pictures is because it has no memory card.  There is one in the car way back in the parking lot.
There are numerous palm and yellow rumps in the trees.
We head back to the main building and the car looking for a restroom.  A Kestrel is on the light poles.
No restrooms open.  We get in car and drive down to gas station at corner of Hicks Rd and Hudson Ave.  I get some of that gourmet coffee Paul had on our recent field trip.  Rested we go back to the park.
We come back and park on the north side and walk that fence line.  But a Red Shouldered is carrying on and flying around over that pond there.  I notice now the battery in my camera is low.  The spare is in the car of course.
We heard parakeets but never saw them.  I did see a shrike and some mourning doves but think the Hawk put all the little guys under cover.
Beautiful day for a walk in our long pants and sweatshirts.
Happy New Year

 Mike and Laurie

Dec 31 20074:00 pm Mike Kell A pair of Black Hooded Parakeets were on the wire across from the Tarpon Springs Golf driving range (east side) next to the Osprey nest on US 19 just north of Anclote river.  Sorry no camera in car.

 Dec 24 Ken Tracey - At 4:30pm this evening I found this Bonaparte's Gull on the beach at Green Key.

Dec 20 2007 Mike Kell   I went to Tarpon Springs yesterday and drove out to Howard Park while there.  A flock with several Marble Godwit and Willets on north side of causeway and there were Semi Palmated Plovers and two Oyster Catchers on the south side.  Ringed bill and Laughing gulls, Fosters terns and a few Sanderlings were on the beach.

Dec 19 2007 Ken Tracey..While doing some CBC scouting yesterday I found 3 Grasshopper Sparrows along this fence in Pasco. Junk and weeds seem to be a sparrow requirement. The photo shows a Grasshopper and Savannah Sparrow, a good comparison between the two.
This morning I found this partially leucistic European Starling along Trouble Creek, just east of US 19 in west Pasco.

Dec 18 2007 Aggie Condon - Three female Bufflehead ducks on a retention pond in Waters Edge.  Go north on Moon Lake Rd and turn left into Ventana Townhomes. ( Across from Boondocks)  Left on Castine.  Right on Reedville to the end.  The pond is across the street.  These ducks are very WARY!  

Dec. 2nd 2007  Aggie Condon.  SR. 52 Retention Pond.  Ibis in the Morning  2 Glossy
                         Ibis.  The show starts about 7a.m. when two flocks of White Ibis total-
                         ling about 300 come in to feed.  Also egrets, herons and Wood Stork.
                         This pond is one mile west of the intersection of Moon Lake Rd. &
                          S.R. 52.  Turn South into Colony Lakes and park in the pull off just
                          past the entrance.  Walk a short distance West to the fenced pond.
Nov 29th 2007 Mike Kell, found 8 hooded Mergansers on a roadside pond along Rowan just north of main street. Photo

Nov 28th 2007  Mike Kell, Spotted two Northern Shovelers on the pond behind the Bealls store on Hwy 54 at Rowan RD.

Nov 24th 2007 Dennis Brown, Horned Grebes on Cider Mill Pond in Beacon Woods. Take Majestic from 52 and 2nd right on Clock Tower to Oak Forest Lane.  They were very active and much fun to watch. 

Nov 17th 2007 Green Key & Anclote Park Field Trip Report, Photo Gallery

Nov 10th Aggie Condon -White Pelicans.  At least 100 soaring but steadily progressing south.  Seen at Little Rd & Hudson Ave.

Nov 9th Mike Kell - No small visitors at Green Key this AM, only laughing Gulls and One Black Skimmer.  Perhaps the cold air has encouraged them to move on south.

Nov 5th Ken Tracey  At 3:00pm this afternoon I stopped by Lake Lisa Park in Port Richey. While watching a group of House Sparrows and House Finches move along a clump of dead Brazilian Peppers this White-crowned Sparrow jumped up.

Nov 5th 2007 Mike Kell-There was a big crowd at Green Key Beach.  Ken and Linda Tracey, Aggie Condon and Mike Kell all showed up early in the morning to practice their new found shore bird identifications from Saturday's program. Among the large number of Laughing Gulls were found Herring Gull, Turnstones,  Semipalmated Plovers, Willets, one small Marbled Godwit,  Dunlins, Sanderlings, Western Sandpipers and Least Sandpipers.  Mike Kell's camera has returned from repair and this was he first chance to practice his new slider technique.  When the crowd flew up we looked around in time to see a Peregrine Falcon fly by at some distance.  A Orange Crowned warbler was found by Ken, Linda and Aggie in the mangroves.
Photos:  Crowd,  Willets, Dunlin1, Dunlin2, Dunlin3, Least SandpiperID these threeWoops a palm.

Nov 5th  Aggie Condon, Field Trip Scouting
Sea Forest---  Spotted Sandpiper.  Norther Harrier.  10 Wood Storks.
 Eagle Point---  Green Heron,  Belted Kingfisher.  Great and Little blue Herons. 
                        Yellow-crowned Night Heron.
 Anclote Power Plant---Bald Eagle on the nest.
 Holiday Rec.--- American Kestrel.  Monk Parakeets.  Titmouse "mob"  with gnat-
                         catchers, Downy woodpeckers, Carolina and House wrens, Common
                         Yellowthroat, Black&White Warbler and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
 Sail Drive---16 Wood Storks.                            

Oct 27, 2007 Ken Tracey - I went back to Lake Lisa Park this afternoon to look for Western Tanager, no luck.
Did locate Indigo Bunting, House Finches, Prairie Warbler, and a Eastern Palm Warbler. Just started looking this fall for the eastern Palms, instead of binocular ignoring Palms. See attached photo. This very yellow eastern looks more like Prairie Warbler until you see slightly darker cap and malar stripe.

Oct 27, 2007 Ken Tracey - Yesterday and this morning we had a good mix of birds at Lake Lisa, Port Richey.
A pale adult Western Tanager was high up in the trees, see attached photo. Short stubby bill, gray belly, yellow chest and face, dark notched tail, dark wing with light wing bar evident were identifying characteristics.
Also had numerous House Finch, one Baltimore Oriole, several Chestnut-sided Warblers, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Wood-Pewee, and several Cooper's Hawk.

Oct 25, 2007 Ken Tracey - Wednesday found my first eastern Palm Warblers at Lake Lisa, Port Richey. Also had 5 Marsh Wrens at Green Key, rufous coloring suggest they are migratory eastern Marsh and not Marian's subspecies.  Photo

Oct 22, 2007 Ken Tracey - There has been a good mix of migrants yesterday and today in West Pasco.
 At Starkey Park we had ;
Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Scarlet tanager, Summer Tanager, Indigo Buntings, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, House Wren, Warblers: Pine, Palm, and Common Yellowthroat
Downtown new New Port Richey this morning;
Black-throated Green Warbler, Tennessee, Yellow-throated, Black-and-white, Palm
Lake Lisa, Port Richey at noon;
Warblers: Palm, Yellow-rumped, Prairie, Yellow, American Redstart, Bay-breasted Blackpoll? (ID confirmation needed, see photo which has not been color or light corrected; I noted, white under-tail covert, streaked breast and back, grayish neck, besides other characteristics that could be either Bay-breasted or Blackpoll) and a Baltimore Oriole

Oct 20, 2007 Ken Tracey  Lake Lisa, Port Richey  An immature Cooper's Hawk watched closely as I called in a good mob of birds at this small park in Port Richey at noon today. The mob included; Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, Yellow-throated Warbler, House Wren, Carolina Wren, Palm Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, White-eyed Vireo, Blue Jay, and Gray Catbird. This mob found the Cooper's and then took turns diving at it until it flew off. Also saw Indigo Bunting and Yellow Warbler there.
I  found my first fall Green-winged Teal at Gulf Harbors.
Oct 19, 2007 Mike Kell, A quick AM trip out to Green Key Beach found a lone Black Skimmer ( my first for this season) sitting in a flock of Laughing Gulls and Fosters Terns.    Willets, Semi Plamated Plovers, Sanderlings, a couple Least Sandpipers, a Black Bellied plover, and one Marbled Godwit hanging around.  Marbled Godwit

 Oct 10th, Mike Coppola, I spotted the first Wood Storks return to my area, Land O” Lakes, on September 1.  I finally came within range of my camera to get a few pictures.  A white Ibis was with the seven storks in one of the wetlands in our community. At a near by pond was, what I believe to be, a Tricolored Heron. I recently read that Wood storks have been known to not return to an area if destruction of their habitat occurs within 30 miles of the roosting area. We had a massive destruction of habitat in Land O’ Lakes with the clearing of  hundreds of acres in the Connerton Development.  I am recording my sighting in eBird, ( and have noticed that no other recordings have been made in the area this season. Have any Wood Storks been observed in your area?

Oct 10th  Ken Tracey  Early this morning I walked some of the mud flats at Sand Bay, West Pasco, for approx. 1 1/2 miles. High-lites included approx. 550 Blue-winged Teal, flying south in groups of 30 or more, and one large flock of 250 birds. Some stopped  on the flats.
Also seen;
40    Roseate Spoonbills
24    Caspian Terns
6    Marbled Godwits
4    Greater Yellowlegs  + numerous other common sandpipers, terns, and waders.

Note; For our Christmas Bird Count on 12/29 several birders are needed with the stamina and skill to walk the soft mud flats here that Saturday morning. Contact me if interested.

Ken Tracey Green Key late this morning found a few warblers;

2   Northern Parula
1   Common Yellowthroat
1   Palm
1   Hooded
1   Yellow
2   Prairie

Oct 9th Mike & Laurie Kell  Green Key beach.  Found two Marbled Godwits among the normal shore birds.

Sept  30 Ken Tracey  Green Key, This morning at the Key the warbler flow was slow until I decided to leave, east of the causeway I stopped for 10 minutes and watched as a steady flow of western Palm Warblers all flew north? Final Count;

92   Palm Warbler
2   Prairie
1   Northern Waterthrush
2   American Redstart
1   Yellow
1   Common Yellowthroat

Sept 19  Mike Kell,  Tidewater RD,  Warbler migration is not limited to Green Key as I found this Ovenbird on my patio.

Sept 18th   Ken Tracey Green Key; Today's flight of Yellow Warblers through the Key has been steady and is continuing this afternoon. I spent 11/2 hours out there this morning and 1/2 hour just after lunch. 45 Yellow Warblers were found along with 5 Prairie Warblers. The Yellow Warbler color mix is interesting with brown, green and bright yellow birds. See photo.
Starkey; Yesterday I found a Veery on the Day Use nature trail.
James E. Grey Preserve, New Port Richey; This park along the Pithlachascotee River will soon re-open with nature trails and boardwalk along the river. Yesterday I had a white morph Short-tailed Hawk soar overhead.

Sept 12th -- Since Aug 9th the Yellow Warbler migration along the Pasco coast through Green Key has been occurring every day I surveyed. I have only missed a few days out there, but for the 33 days surveyed since Aug 9th, 15 Yellow Warblers have been the average seen each day for approx 1-2 hours of survey time. My visits have ranged from morning to late afternoon. Every half hour or so a new group of Yellow warblers will fly in and feed on the Key before they move on. These groups are usually two to four birds, although one morning 12 landed and worked their way through the mangroves. Eventually all seem to move east to the causeway and then fly off. I expect this rate of Yellow Warbler migration to continue until the first or second week of Oct.
The Prairie Warbler migration has now changed. Although approximately equal numbers to Yellow warblers were seen throughout August, the average for the last 2 weeks for Prairie has been 5 per day and I expect that number to continue to drop.

Sept 5
This evening's quick check out at the beach on Green Key produced a small group of sandpipers that included a Piping Plover. A rare plover for this small beach.

Fall Migration  continues on Green Key
8/31/2007 in the morning at Green Key, Ken  found this strange gull on the beach, slightly smaller than Laughing Gull, with bright red legs and bill.
Also had 25 Blue-winged Teal fly over.
Also had great group of terns;
6   Black Tern
2   Sandwich tern
8   Forster's Tern
2   Royal Tern
5   Least Tern
2   Prairie
12   Yellow
6   Protnotary
And one  Eastern Kingbird

8/28/2007 Jim McKay spotted an  Orange Bishop on the wires .  
Ken Tracey found:
1   Blackburnian
1   Northern Waterthrush
1   American redstart
3   Prairie Warbler
4   Yellow Warbler

8/25/2007 The last 3 days at the Key has seen a steady flow of warblers;
39   Prairie
30   Yellow
11   Prothonotary
2   Black-and-white
3   Northern Waterthrush* (*or Waterthrush species as all were identified by chip)
Also the first drab Yellow Warblers have shown up. The two in the photo look like Sibley's "Brownish 1st year", or Peterson's "first fall, amnicola"

August 23, 2007
by Ken Tracey...This morning on the way to Green Key I had a coyote run across the road in New Port Richey near Main St and Rowan Rd.  While on the Key, 3 individual Bobolinks flew south overhead doing their "pink, pink" call.  This morning was also the best on the key for Prothonotary Warbler fall sightings ever with 8 seen.  Yesterday Jim McKay had an Eastern Kingbird on the wires with the resident Gray Kingbirds and a fly-over of 2 American Avocets.
Warblers today;
13   Prairie warbler
8   Yellow Warbler
8   Prothonotary Warbler

August 6, 2007
by Ken Tracey...I surveyed the Courtney Campbell Causeway, the Honeymoon Island Causeway, and the Fred Howard Park Causeway this morning from 6:30am to 9:30am, the following 1776 sandpipers were counted, comprising 15 species, plus 6 tern species were found: Sandpipers;
9       Black-bellied Plover
123   Semipalmated Plover
12     Wilson's Plover
19     American Oystercatcher
15     Greater Yellowlegs
218   Willet
1       Spotted sandpiper
50     Marbled Godwit
107   Ruddy Turnstone
8      Red Knot
254   Sanderling
165   Western Sandpiper
6      Semipalmated Sandpiper
65    Least Sandpiper
724   Short-billed Dowitcher

11   Royal Tern
10   Sandwich Tern
4   Forster's Tern
134   Least Tern
22   Black Tern
18   Black Skimmer
Flock Photo
Composite of sandpipers and the one imm? Marbled Godwit attached.

August 2, 2007
by Ken Tracey...I did a tour of the Courtney Campbell Causeway this morning. At the beach near 49 th street there was a small group of sandpipers, gulls, and terns, including 15 Black terns.  On the Tampa side a 1/4 mile stretch just west of the Ben T. Davis Beach held a tremendous number of sandpipers and terns including the following, some counts are actual some are estimates*, but most numbers are probably under counts as the flocks were moving;
15   Black-bellied Plover
20   Wilson's Plover
50*   Semipalmated Plover
8   American Oystercatcher
100*   Willet
20   Greater Yellowlegs
60   Marbled Godwit
1   Probable immature? Marbler Godwit (composite photo attached)
60*   Ruddy Turnstone
200*   Sanderling
50*   Western Sandpiper
60*   Least Sandpiper
500*   Short-billed Dowitcher
6   Sandwich Tern
40   Royal Tern
1   Forster's tern
1   Gull-billed Tern
30   Black Tern
130   Least Tern

July 28, 2007
by Ken Tracey... Birding in the rain can be good! Yesterday evening at the state park(Boyce Werner) I counted 3000+ Purple Martins flying south and found 1 Spotted Sandpiper.  This morning at Green Key I counted 450 Swallows flying south; 90% were Barn, rest were Northern Rough-winged and Bank.  At the Gulf Harbors Golf Course I found 2 Pectoral Sandpipers.
Went out to the golf course this afternoon at Gulf Harbors in West Pasco. Sandpipers were flying into the flooded driving range in small flocks every 10 minutes or so. Best birds seen were;
2   Stilt Sandpiper (photo attached, still in mostly alternate plumage with dark blotches on back evident)
9   Lesser Yellowlegs
1   Spotted Sandpiper

July 27, 2007
by Ken Tracey
I did get photo of Brown-headed Cowbird young as it begged food from female Red-winged Blackbird.   Also the fall warblers showed good numbers today as Jim McKay and I found;
39   Prairie Warblers
6   Yellow Warblers
1   Yellow-throated Warbler
3   Prothonotary Warblers*
*After Jim left, I ventured into the mangrove thicket looking for Prothonotary Warblers. I have noted that they stay in the dark and thickest mangrove cover, as the photo illustrates.

July 26, 2007
By Ken Tracey...I went out on the mud flats at Sand Bay, West Pasco coast off Strauber Memorial Hwy, this evening, It has been weeks since our last extreme low tide.  The square mile of mud flat was completely empty of birds except for one Whimbrel. The mangrove opening I walked through had an early Belted Kingfisher.

July 24, 2007
This morning on Green Key Beach, Mike Kell and  Ken Tracey found a Forster's Tern, a summer first for Green Key. Earlier I had photographed a new species for the Key; White-winged Dove.
by Ken Tracey    Photo

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