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The seasons at Green Key are defined by the warblers seen there.

Oct 17th. Winter roosting is already underway as 35 Palm Warblers flew in at sunset last night accompanied by one Merlin that sat on an electric wire waiting for an easy catch.  In fact this is one of the easiest places to see Merlins up close, one evening last winter I had 4 on the electric poles. They will be here every evening now until March at sunset feeding on the roosting warblers. I have seen as many as 1200 warblers fly out of the mangroves in the early morning in the winter. Usually a mix of Palm and Yellow-rumped. I have not gotten an exact count but will this winter.

is when the Funnel is active, with this spring out of 20 species of warblers counted the Blackpoll won out with 940 seen.

we only have the nesting Prairie Warbler here. The most singing males heard at one day this summer was 6, my guess would be 6 to 10 nesting pair on the key.

was very active on the key the past 2 1/2 months with 16 warbler species documented, Yellow Warblers won the high count with 711 seen.

Ken Tracey
New Port Richey

October 2007