West Pasco Audubon Society

Florida Eastern Bluebird Quiz

Print this page out and take the quiz.

Answers can be found in the nest book data

Go to Bluebird Page

Click on nest box data

Click on nest box numbers to read the reports

Answers can be found reading reports from Starkey Park boxes SP01 thru SP10

Quiz Questions

What is the start date (earliest nest) of FL Eastern Bluebird season?_____________________________________________


When does the season end (approximate)?___________________________________________


Normal number of eggs laid?_______________________________________


What color are the Bluebird eggs?_______________________________________


After eggs laid aproximate weeks till hatched?___________________________________________


After eggs hatched weeks till fledge?_____________________________________________


What other species of birds use the boxes?_______________________________________


What predators attack the nests?______________________________________________________________


Bonus questions

These require internet searching(Hint - http://www.audubon.org/bird-guide, https://www.allaboutbirds.org/,


What do Eastern Bluebirds eat?___________________________________________________


Why do we build Bluebird Boxes?__________________________________________________